Deliverance:Identify The Instrument Of Oppression..

When you are knocked down in the Spirit, you need to identify the gate the oppressors passed into the garden of your life. When you are knocked down in the spirit, it shows that an aspect of your life is imprisoned by the enemy of your soul. It could be finances, health, progress or any other thing. Every spiritual battle thrives on legality just like in the physical realm, you cannot be imprisoned without losing a case in court. Psalm 2 provides an insight into how a satanic court can be seated to make men lose their comfort Look at verse 1: It says `why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? What does this mean? It means the power of satanic imaginations can put men into trouble. It also means that the enemy can rage so much to cause trouble. Some imaginations are strong enough to make men lose their comfort. How do you overcome when you are a victim of satanic imagination? Thank God the Word of God says we can cast down any imagination and any high thing that exalteth itself above the knowledge of God 2 Corinthians 10:5. When the enemy's rage is prospering against a person, everything around the person will seem to collapse. The marriage, the finance, the progress...if all these are taking place, then the rage of the enemy is at work.

If you are presently in this group, cry in prayer like this: Father, break the rage of the enemy against my life in the name of Jesus. Father, let every imagination of the wicked be cast down in Jesus name.
However, before you can really succeed in this warfare, you must identify the gate the enemy used in gaining access to your life. The commonest and the easiest gate the enemy uses is the gate of sin. Sin is a destroyer, sin strengthens the accuser (Satan). The modern world has dismissed subjects like witchcraft as superstition, yet there are undeniable evidences of witchcraft manifestations. What then is witchcraft? The origin of witchcraft is rebellion which started with the rebellion of satan against God Almighty {1 Samuel 15 vs 23}. Witchcraft enforces domination and control over the victim. It always wants the victim to bend to its wishes, and when the otherwise happens, it will aim to destroy such a victim. These powers operate in different environments in different ways, but the major aim is to bring about death and destruction. They can practice out of body experience by projecting their spirit to meet with other spirits in a designated coven where they inflict pains by making and enforcing evil decrees on their victims. However, some people whose spirit might not agree with this program can be unconsciously initiated to still perform this same purpose without their physical knowledge. Such people sometime see themselves in strange gatherings in dreams. Some operate by evil imaginations...Psalm 2 :why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing...as earlier mentioned. Witchcraft can project very strong imaginations that works... 2 Corinthians 10 verse 4-6 gives us an insight into the defeat of these demoniacal powers. In very poor environments, witchcraft can operate to really oppress its victims under instrumentality of poverty and hardship to wreck more havoc and bring forth a lot more distressing situations and even deaths, however developed societies are not immune to the operations of witchcraft as they sponsor evil thoughts and suicidal thoughts/tendencies with very little excuses. In more sophisticated environments, cases of undiagnosed sicknesses are mostly oppressions of witchcraft powers. Witchcraft sponsors evil decisions that results into sorrows, tears and blood despite sophistication in advanced environments.
Note the following about witchcraft:
1. It is responsible for loss of peace 2 kings 9:22
2. It encourages worship of false gods and destructive sacrifices 2 chronicles 33:6
3. It destroys nations and territories by satanic bargains.
Many individuals are being initiated into witchcraft consciously or unconsciously and are agents of pain and so they become agents of pain and sorrow while they also bear the pain and sorrow as well. I have encountered witchcraft in diverse dimensions and I can recount a lot of their operations. Whenever these powers are in operation, they love to feed their victims very regularly in the dreams to pollute them, so as to weaken the spiritual resistance.
Familiar Spirit. As the name implies are spirits that knows a lot about an individual from the ancestry. These spirits were able to find their place because of the history of idolatry in that individual. They have spiritual legality that was established at one point or the other, with or without the consent of the victim. Familiar spirit can be an imperfect duplicate and produce and almost complete information about its victim at every point in time.
In 1 Samuel 28:15-19, we can see that a certain woman with familiar spirit was able to access to some divine information for Saul. This is through the spirit of divination which is an abomination unto God. The familiar spirit has powers to penetrate higher realm than the witchcraft powers and to project dangerous things into peoples spiritual lives sometimes through dreams, thus making life for the victim one of trouble, problems, challenges and sorrows.
Spiritual Spouses.
This is a very serious problem that unfortunately many people are very unaware of...The origin of this problem is found in Genesis 6 verse 1-2.'and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose'.
The beings referred to as sons of God in the above scriptures were angels that violated spiritual principles and began to pollute men spiritually. They are the ones referred to in Jude verse 6 'and the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in the everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day'. These powers are responsible for lovemaking in the dream! Love making was not designed to take place in the dream. It is a God ordained exercise for the body for procreation. Lovemaking is the body and soul (emotions) at work, and not the spirit.
These beings described above were the beings that Jesus went and preached to in 1 peter 3:19 after his resurrection. The judgment of this beings are sealed. Any form of love making in the dream, whether with known or unknown faces usually drains the victim of spiritual energy and introduces regrets and sorrows. However, because the perpetrators of this spiritual violence' doom is sealed, they can be cast out and their operation can be ceased only in Jesus name.
Curses and Covenants As Destroyers of Joy.
Both curses and covenants have the abilities to destroys future and present joy in the lives of their victims. Curses are defined in oxford dictionary as a magic word or phrase that has magical powers to make bad or evil happen. The challenges some people are going through at the moment was designed long ago by the instrumentality of curse. Curses have the divine ability to pass through several generations until it is convenient for it to act. A present cause of sorrow may have been predetermined for hundreds or thousands of years before manifestation. It is the reason for some peculiar types of mishaps in form of sickness or one form of tragedy or the other being experienced by some certain people.
Let's look at a very good scriptural example: Joshua 6 verse 26 Joshua the servant of God pronounced a curse 26' and Joshua adjured them at that time, saying, cursed be the man before the Lord, that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho: he shall lay the foundation thereof in his firstborn and in his youngest son shall he setup the gates of it" This curse was brought to fulfillment in approximately 600 years after it was pronounced in 1 kings 16 verse 34 'in his days did Hiel the bethelite build Jericho" he laid the foundation thereof in Abiram his firstborn and set up the gates thereof in his youngest son Segub, according to the word of the Lord, which he spake by Joshua the son of Nun.
Covenants on the other hand are agreements with strong legal backing. Let me point at this stage that there was first a very strong legal system spiritually before men began to develop legal systems in the physical. The bible itself is a book of covenant of God's dealings with men in it's entirety and the expectations and demands of this legal system is well spelt out as well as the price paid or to be paid if one side is defaulting. People suffer the misdeeds of others who have broken one covenant or the other in their generation.
Beloved, human beings may forget this covenant or even die before a covenant is executed, but spirits do not die, they ensure that a covenant is duly enforced. Many Christians have misinterpreted the grace given to them by the redemption work as believing it has exempted them from curses and covenants because of the finished work on the cross... This is true, but you have an obligation to fulfill to bring about the manifestation in your own case, that is why Jesus says we have to bind on earth before it is bound in Heaven... Matthew 18 verse 18.
Just as it is your choice to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, so also, it is your choice to remain under a curse or to be loosed from it... The subject of curses and covenants cannot be fully discussed in this book but this is just to establish the fact that most things we may just wave off as accidental occurrence have very serious spiritual backing and mandate.

Knock down infirmities!.

Beloved, it is very important for you to know that God is ever willing to do us good. Ever before Christ came, the laws and the prophet were in place to guide us so that we would not fall into the hand on the adversary, the devil, the prince of this world, the author of sickness and curses. When the dispensation of the law and the prophets ended, he sent the prince of peace, Jesus Christ as our escape route from the prince of this world. He is ever willing to heal you, that is why he says 'I am the God that Heals you' (Exodus 15 verse 26).

I will point out to you that there is no single method that can work for every healing case since the spirit of infirmity came in through different means. The Healings recorded in the bible came through different methods of healing ministration. I will like to mention at this stage, that the Holy Spirit is the healing partner that reveals to the healing minister, what to do and healing follows. He is our ultimate partner!

However, in many cases, where the affliction proves tougher than what the person praying for healing envisages, especially where doctors have declared the case to be terminal, I will advise that you to run through the following checklist of fifteen things and see if there are areas that you are deficient and make necessary amends. Some of this areas might require that you get relevant books/materials to sharpen your spirit knowledge. I believe that by the time you are through, healing would result in Jesus name!
Get off the lane of ignorance of the Word of God, get enough healing scriptures into your spirit, get rid of junks in your spirit and replace them with the Word. You may need to buy tapes of healing messages and listen. Deeply meditate on the areas of healing in the Bible. Faith comes by hearing...Romans 10:17

Unbelief is Spiritual Criminality

God's love and mercy in making Jesus available for us in grossly undermined in unbelief. In just a second, imagine the son you love so much, look you in the face and say 'Daddy, I don't trust you'. That is how God feels when we can't just take him at his Word. Matthew 13:58, Mark 6:6


is also one of the spiritual ropes tying people down to affliction. When you pray to God for mercy to be healed, you are in effect asking the Lord to forgive you, however, your being forgiven is tied to your willingness to forgive others. Matthew 11 verse 25-26. When the Lord forgives you like the sick of the palsy, healing results! Matthew 9.

Lack of Diligence

The heart is the centre of all the factors that will make you connect the Almighty God for your healing. Proverb 4:23 says You must be diligent from the heart! There must be a resolve and singleness of purpose. Pride will prevent anyone from receiving from the Lord. Pride will disallow you from making amends where necessary. Proverbs 16:18.

Lack of Persistence

When believing God for healing especially in very serious cases, there might be need for persistence at the altar of prayer. There are powers in the realm of the spirit that may not allow some deliverance to take place without continuous bombardment in the spirit. The Lord also sometimes bears long with us. Read the story of The widow in Luke Chapter 18 verse 1-8.

Unconfessed Sin

This is one of the reasons that many people are not healed from very serious afflictions. Some people are just not ready to confess and let go of secret sins that they committed. Satan can bring up legalities and accusations to strengthen affliction. Ecclesiastes 10:8' He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him'. An unconfessed sin will open the Hedge(spiritual covering).

Neglecting The Poor

Isaiah 58 verse 1-8 lists the condition of a true fast, and how the sick would be magnanimous to the poor in fasting and healing would result. Proverbs 19 vs 17 says 'whoever gives to the poor, lends to the Lord and the Lord would pay him.

Grieving the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ left us with the Holy Spirit, and he is our ultimate partner in the ministry. He is the revealer of what the Lord will have us do to get the divine the information for healing to result. He can be blasphemed. The bible makes it clear that such sins are unforgivable.

Involving in Occult

God hates idolatry with passion. Any past involvement in idolatry must be confessed and renounced for some certain cases of afflictions to give way. I believe this is one of cases that results in the toughest afflictions. Deliverance is required, and when this is done healing results.

Presence of Evil Spirit

In many instances that Jesus Christ healed, he cast out demons and the infirmity leaves. Not all sicknesses however, are manifestation of demons. Mark Chapter 9 verse 25-27 gives a clear case where the demons left and the victim was healed. Many terminal sicknesses are manifestation of evil spirit.

Negative Confession

The devil relies on the confession of many people to keep them in captivity, The Bible makes it clear in Hebrews 3:1 that Jesus Christ is the High Priest of our confession who has passed into the heavens. when you see that your healing is perfected in the Word of God, you may not have seen the physical manifestation, use the power of faith to release positive confession and take steps to claim your healing by force.

Waiting To See Before Believing

You can not have faith when you also choose to protect your fear. Mark 11 verse 23-24 says 'For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe those things which he saith shall come to pass: he shall have whatsoever he saith". There are activities of legalities in the realm of the spirit between confession and possession, that is however not the subject in this book. We are to maintain our confession of faith and our healing shall be accomplished.

Inability To Pray And To Fast

I mentioned earlier that there are levels of affliction that requires fasting. Matthew 17:21 Mark 9:29. The flesh will have to subdued for the spirit to communicate with the spirit of God John 4:24! The flesh will protest and want to have his way, but we are to put the flesh under, to be able to cry to the Father of spirits, the Almighty God, who is ever willing to bring about our deliverance!

Presence of Family Curse:The presence of Ancestral and family curse can be a serious hindrance to healing. The bible however makes it clear that 'if any man is in Christ, old things have passed away' however you still have to boldly affirm this in prayer for deliverance, otherwise it will not be applicable in your case. There is a scriptural provision in the scripture Galatians 3 verse 13-14, but if you cannot simply accept this as referring to you, then it cannot work. As you affirm, I see you healed and restored in Jesus name!

Zoe Bulletin.

Beloved, Abraham according to the scriptures was not accorded the honor of being a friend of God because he lived an extraordinarily holy life, but we have a summary of his exemplary life of obedience to God, and absolute faith and trust in him. The first thing that strikes a mind that meditates deeply in the scriptures is that only the righteous will inherit heaven.

How then do we do we earn righteousness?

The scriptures says that Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness (Romans 4:3). It is then clear that righteousness is not earned by personal drive for Holiness alone. The bible makes it also clear that our own drive of righteousness is like a filthy rag before the Almighty. What kind of righteousness then was earned by Abraham? Lets look briefly at the life of the man and we will be able to answer some questions that bothers on this topic and probably see why this man is so valuable to God. The man Abraham who is also known as Abram first appeared in the scripture in Genesis 12 when the bible says the Lord had called him to leave his father's house and at the age of seventy-five, he obeyed.

Something remarkable happened

Then something remarkable happened in the land of his sojourn which Biblical scholars are sometimes too quick to point as a weakness on the part of Abraham, we are told that famine started in the land that was promised to him and his descendants and this left him with two choices: one of which is to go back to where he came out from which was idolatrous and count all the promises of God of no effect, or to leave the land of promise for another unknown land of which his fate will hang in the balance. He took the other option which was to sojourn in Egypt where he had to trade his greatest possession as of then - (His Wife) than go back to the idolatry of his father's house. He knew ahead that pharaoh would come for Sara.
This got the heart of God since it is God's intention to start a new race of people who would obey him totally. He passed the test of choosing to trade his only possession than do what will make his new found master sad. He made up his mind that Pharaoh could have his wife! The result of this enormous risk was prosperity! The Lord blessed him and his wife was restored. He had passed a great test!

What was the driving force of Abraham?

Why was he not convinced he was making a mistake? Could it not have been safer to go back to the land of his nativity than getting into a journey with an unknown destination? We begin to understand God better when he gave his commandment to Moses. The overview of this commandment gives us an insight to the fact that our faith in God is tested along the line of his Word, regarding Love. The first five of the commandments speaks of our obligation to him, while the remaining is testing our Love to men. It is our love that will motivate us to chose what God wants most than our very desires. Discovering God and heaven is believing and venturing into the world of unseen realities. We are told Abraham got to the land of his promise and still looked for the city whose builder and maker is God. He didn't cling to any earthly possession (Hebrews 11:10). At other times, when he became extremely wealthy, his greatest need was to have an heir of all his wealth, and then came another test that he had to offer up his most prized possession(His Son) as at that time.

In Conclusion

In the concluding part of this message we would see clearly how we can Possess God by uncompromising act of obedience. Abraham did not have the Bible like we do today but he stuck to the promises God gave him earlier. He didn't have regular church services to be reminded of God's Word. In John 15:7, Word doers are giver a blank cheque from God. If you are reading this and you are yet to come to this family of faith, I advise you to do so without delay now. Confess as follows: Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I know I am a sinner but Jesus died for me, and on the third day, he rose for my justification. Save me from my sins and write my name in the book of life. Amen. Till we meet next month for the concluding part. Keep rejoicing in the atmosphere of faith!!!!!!!

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Modesto California

I have found Bro. Akinlade's teaching to be not only profoundly insightful but his methods have taken such a deep and thorough topic and made it something even the earliest of learners can grasp. Understanding who we are in our entirety as a body, soul and spirit will help us to have a greater faith the ways in which God is able to heal our three buildings. I appreciate Bro. Akinlade's willingness to share his understanding and I apply that knowledge in my own ministry in Modesto California. May God who gives liberally to those who seek His wisdom richly bless you through, Bro Akinlade's ministry as well. Toyosi Akinlade has my full endorsement and permission to use my comments in any publication he sees fitting.

Makanjuola Oluwarotimi

Pastor in Charge Redeemed Christian Church of God, Heritage of Grace Parish, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

GOD will continue to use you for Greater works. My comment on the Three Buildings goes thus: The Three Buildings is no doubt a spiritual insight into the tripartite nature of man. It is indeed an audacious exposť into the connection and workings of the soul, spirit and body. I recommend it for every believer who hunger and thirst for this understanding so that we cantruly operate in the realm of the higher life into which the salvation in Christ has ushered us. Thank you.

Belinda Robinson

P O. Box 1066, Itta Bena, Ms. 38941

The Three Buildings: The human being is made up of three buildings, namely the Spirit, the Soul and the Body. For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle is dissolved, we have a building of God, and house not made with hands eternal from heaven. Seeing in the eyes of the Spirit that the building of God which is in you, is healed because the maker has affirmed I Am the Lord That Heals You! This revelation is a great insight to the fact that the Lord still heals.

Jean Painter

North Carolina. United States

So very powerful. So amazing what you put out here for all to learn. So happy I found you! Thank you and God bless you

Toyosi's Blogspot.

You can become partaker of righteousness today Sin Consciousness, A Bed Of Sorrows. For anyone who would obtain eternal joy, there is need for such a person to understand what the consciousness of sin can cause. A wounded conscience can go a long way to bring about sorrow of the mind. Beloved, this very topic is the bedrock of doctrines in the body of Christ that we can say is pulling some apart and threatening to split the body. But, we all know as it's written that the gate of hell can not prevail against the church. Alleluyah!!!.

September 2, 2015

Prayer that moves the mountain!

Prayer That Moves Mountains! Prayer is needed to come out of deep afflictions! When Jesus came down from the mount of transfiguration, he had a case on his hands in which he had to rebuke the deaf and dumb spirit from an afflicted person, and the fellow was healed! The disciples had labored to heal this fellow without success until Jesus moved in.

September 2, 2015

The Mandate of The Powers of Darkness.

God made the universe with a lot of creatures that will help it to run, however at the fall, many fallen angels whose end of doom is already known to them, teamed up with the devil to fight man to make sure as many will end up in the same damnation as they are. The mandate is to kill, steal and destroy! John 10:10.

September 2, 2015

Checklist For Your Healing!

Beloved, it is very important for you to know that God is ever willing to do us good. Ever before Christ came, the laws and the prophet were in place to guide us so that we would not fall into the hand on the adversary, the devil, the prince of this world, the author of sickness and curses. When the dispensation of the law and the prophets ended, he sent the prince of peace, Jesus Christ as our escape route from the prince of this world.

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